The problem with downloading free handwriting fonts


Free handwriting fonts can be found all over the Internet if you simply type that keyword into your Google or Bing search bar. Though easy to find and a great bargain (who can beat free!), there are a few problems with using free handwriting fonts to personalize your marketing pieces and grab attention can actually cost you a lot more than you thought…

Whenever you download free handwriting fonts, you have to read the fine print. Most fine print allows you to use these fonts for personal use (such as on homemade invitations, signs, etc.) but when you want to use them in business materials, you typically have to make a “donation” or payment to the creator depending on what you want to use the fonts for.

Sometimes the fine print is easy to find, other times you need to first find the designer’s website and then look up their licensing method before using. Don’t forget to do this because using a free handwriting font without permission can end up costing you a lot more than free, especially if you use it without permission or payment.

The way you can avoid this is by purchasing a font and paying royalties. Depending on the font, you may be paying royalties each time you use the font, or it may be a one time fee. In the CopyDoodles Access Club, with membership all fonts, graphics, comics, etc.. are royalty free and copyright free so you can use them on anything you like without having to ever worry. Even if 10 years from now you’re not a member and you still have promo materials from when you were, that’s okay!

When people create free handwriting fonts they don’t always remember you may need to use an apostrophe, comma, question mark, you name it. So when you go to use one of those characters, it doesn’t always work.

This can be a pain to create your entire marketing piece only to realize you can’t use the question mark symbol. Make sure to check all of your downloaded free handwriting fonts before creating your marketing piece to save you time and headache!

When you download free handwriting fonts onto your computer, they work on your computer. But if you were to type up a Word document or email or even a PDF in one of your free handwriting fonts and send it to a friend, unless they had this particular font installed, they wouldn’t even be able to see it!

The font would be substituted with Times New Roman, Arial, or something else they have on their computer. To avoid this, you need to embed the fonts into your documents to ensure they are viewable across all computers. As a side note, this is true with any font you are using, not just free handwriting fonts you download.

CopyDoodles has a great new feature that solves this embedding problem. You can type up words or phrases in the Access Club and download them directly as .jpgs, .pngs, or more to ensure that your phrase or note is readable across all computers.

Whether you’re using CopyDoodles fonts, the CopyDoodles font generator (as mentioned above), or you’re download free handwriting fonts, make sure to take note of the above so you can ensure your marketing pieces and your business is covered!

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